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MyTranssexualDate Review: Ultimate Guide to Find out the Key Features

MyTranssexualDate Review: Ultimate Guide to Find out the Key Features
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Active Audience 88%
Quality Matches 88%
Popular Age 18-40
Profiles 5 120 900
Reply Rate 78%
Ease of Use 8
Popularity 9
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • A committed dating site to match you with the best singles.
  • International access.
  • You can use group chats.
  • You have a lightning-fast interface.
  • The service has a multipurpose desktop version.
  • Does not have a mobile application.
  • It greatly limits the experience if you are not a premium member.

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For uncommon online dating, you can look at MyTranssexualDate, one of the more famous transsexual dating sites. If you are a young transsexual who wants to find true love, you can do it on this dating website. You can find a person who shares your tastes and is willing to start a serious relationship with you.

In the MyTranssexualDate review, you will have a close look at the interface and how it acts to provide you with a partner. You will learn how easy it is to change your single status with this Internet dating site. In less than one month, you will be able to amass a fair amount of friends and prospective partners to make a transsexual couple.

Member Structure

Member Structure

On MyTranssexualDate, you can find many people online because it is a trendy dating site. This website’s activity is focused on the United States, where it has more than 55% of active members. Europe’s region retains the second position in profiles created in the interface, with more than 33% of users available.

It is a very active community that encompasses men and women from all countries seeking to fall deeply in love. In terms of figures, MyTranssexualDate has 74% of men online and 26% of active women. Many gay men on the web can meet to form friendships or a serious relationship in the city.

From the age of 18, you can register on the dating website and meet members who are over 60 years old. The web profiles on the web include 20 to 30 year-olds being a very young community. In the interface, the perversion can dominate the members’ hearts, so you will have quite a fun environment if you are looking for sex.

Real Life Review

Real Life Review

In an option on MyTranssexualDate, many of the members maintain that it is an elementary website with everything in order. You can join their system and enjoy all its unique features that allow you to match up with other members. The web is perfect in every way, although its biggest flaw is its lack of application.

Without an app for the MyTranssexualDate website, you will be unhappy because a portable version enhances your experience. The only thing you can do is enter your multipurpose website from a phone and adapt it to your screen. We guarantee that the desktop version will work as a portable version for the mobile you have.

Up and running shemale dating site has everything you need for you to find your wicked prince in town. You will have a renewing service that matches members near you to organize meetings. You can have a real date today with a MyTranssexualDate member who lives in your city.



The dating web’s design features are just for you to keep in mind all the search settings. This system has a lot to offer you, and you will be pleased to visit the website and appreciate its design. The color that predominates in the interface is pink and a top bar bathed in a very opaque color.

The MyTranssexualDate interface background is traditionally white, so you do not feel like the web is too colorful. You will not feel discomfort in your eyes when seeing the web design. Moreover, it will likely increase your interest in it. As there is no application available, you will notice the same design features on your phone when entering the web.

The organization that the search settings have is good for you to visualize without missing out on any settings. The web takes advantage of all the interface spaces to make it functional and not leave empty places unused. You can fully view the dating site and determine how your single status will change with their system.

Signing Up

Signing Up

To register on MyTranssexualDate, you have to add some basic data to formalize a unique profile. The amount of information you can put on the web is infinite, which will help you find your match. The steps that you must follow to have an optimal profile on MyTranssexualDate are the following:

  • Go directly to the MyTranssexualDate website from your computer or mobile phone.
  • When you enter the website, the registration option will automatically appear in the interface center.
  • You have to put your username, email, and password as base data.
  • It is essential that you go to their email sent in your inbox and verify your identity by accessing the link they sent you.
  • With the verified identity, you will have to fill out a form with other basic and optional information. The options data will not have an asterisk marked, so it is your decision whether to place them or not.
  • By filling out the form, you will have access to MyTranssexualDate as a free user.

You can have your free dating website account for an unlimited time, although it has many restrictions. To fully enjoy this website, you have to switch to a premium membership at an affordable cost.

Start Communicating

Start Communicating

To join the messaging service on MyTranssexualDate, you must have an activated premium profile. With the messages on the dating website, paying the bill is elementary because otherwise, it will be disabled until you process it. This website is very inflexible in its free use, but it is a bit more attractive because it offers quality services.

When you pay for your premium membership, you will be taking many benefits from the messaging service. The things that you can have in the MyTranssexualDate chats are the following:

  • You can have calls and video calls to have a better conversation with active members. With these live calls, you can talk efficiently with all those transgender people in your country.
  • The use of emoticons and stickers is an excellent option in online chats when you have your membership. With these two options, you can express emotions towards the members you are talking to.
  • You can share photos with the members you talk to without any limits on MyTranssexualDate. You can send sensual photographs that increase the desire that the person you are talking to today has.
  • You can choose between private or group chat rooms to chat with many people on the web. You can create or participate in a group chat with transsexual people from your country. You can make many friends in this appointment system to organize parties and events in the future.

The messaging system on MyTranssexualDate is very good at allowing you to talk to online members any way you want. You only need to have a good network connection to enjoy this service in chats efficiently.

Special Features

Special Features

You will profit from many special features on the dating site for your messaging and photo posting. The website belongs to the largest community of transsexuals in the world, hosting many people in your city. Among the special functions that are most relevant in MyTranssexualDate are:

  • You can have a list of prominent members with whom you will chat most of the time online. You can fully organize your profile to make your dating web browsing more efficient.
  • You will find transsexual people near you, in your city, or in the country in general to socialize. You can prioritize members in your country or go further by looking for members in other countries. You can enjoy smart matchmaking every day.
  • Enjoy a unique session for you to discuss various topics surrounded by the best members of the community. You can create these informative forums to talk about the most entertaining topics that cover your sexual tastes.
  • All profiles are verified so that they can talk to you to have maximum security. In MyTranssexualDate, no fake profiles will be allowed, although you also have the power to report one should you find it.

The entire shemale dating web is surrounded by an excellent system for you to talk to people in your city. If you are a single guy and you want to get rid of that status, use this dating website. All the rules are met on the web, so you have a united interface that does not criticize you for your sexual appetites.

Mobile Applications

MyTranssexualDate does not have a mobile application to download for your mobile phone and have a better experience. Although the web has been the indicated refuge for young transsexuals, it fails by not having a mobile application. With more than one decade running, this website needs to be updated and take its dating system to a more portable version.

One option to access transsexual dating from your mobile is doing it from the Internet via a web browser (for example, Google Chrome). You can enter the website from your mobile, and it will automatically adapt to the size of the screen. Regardless of whether you have a state-of-the-art phone with a big screen, MyTranssexualDate will adapt quickly.

The web interface for your phone is not much different from its desktop version so that you can use it quickly. You have to try to have a good Internet connection because the web page on the phone tends to require more resources. If you cannot access MyTranssexualDate from your mobile, verify that you are using the correct browser.

Free Structure

Fee Structure

At MyTranssexualDate, you can get an affordable membership to enjoy its unique features. The prices that are maintained in the premium account are solid, and you can find them at the following rates:

  • Twelve months for $130.80 (you will pay $10.09 per month);
  • Six months for $101.40 (you will pay $16.90 per month);
  • Three months for $22.90 (you will pay $7.63 per month);
  • One month for $29.90.

If you take the most extended premium membership in MyTranssexualDate, you will save more than 50% of your money. You should not miss the opportunity to take one year of membership to enjoy the chat rooms from your home. With this time, on average, you can socialize with many transsexual members looking for a serious relationship.

Free Services

The free service on the dating web is quite limited for you to interact on the interface or with the active members. Some things you can do with your free profile on MyTranssexualDate are:

Enjoy the Forums

You have access to hot chat forums on the dating site from the moment you sign up. The only disadvantage of this free service is that you will access the forum as a spectator, so you will not comment.

Upload limited photos

You can upload three photos a day with your free account on MyTranssexualDate for other added members to see. If you want to break the limit to upload photographs, you have to have a premium membership.

Limited messaging

You will not enjoy messaging on the dating site until a premium member is motivated to write to you at some point. When this person messages you, you will be able to reply and enjoy using traditional calls.

With MyTranssexualDate and your subscription for a membership, you update all your operation in the chat rooms. The paid service on this dating website is excellent because it brings the following options in:


You can talk to all the people who are connected on the dating website, national or international. The chat rooms will be packed with great options to interact in the right way with the members.


You can post as many photos as you want to your premium profile for members you select to see. You can restrict your posts to national members or open them to the general public. You can also upload videos to express how sensual you are in a dance or other activities.

Daily Pairings

In the premium account, you will have daily matches with members who are located in your country or according to your tastes. You must enter what type of person you like so that the match works every day. You will not have to look for members, but the web will organize them all for you.

Forums and Chat Rooms

You can participate and create forums or chat rooms with guys from your country or other nearby regions. With these rooms, you can organize meetings or different types of events where you make your home available. You do not have to miss this opportunity to bond with members of your country who are transsexual.

How Can One Pay?

Now that you have decided to change your free account to a premium one due to its special features, you should make the payment. You have to follow basic steps that will allow you to have a membership in online dating; do the following:

  1. You must enter your pre-registered account on MyTranssexualDate.
  2. Go to your profile and settings.
  3. You have to select the option to “Change account”.
  4. Select the package you like the most according to the discounts it offers.
  5. Use the payment methods by TDC or PayPal electronic wallet.
  6. Wait for the request to be processed and your premium account to be released.

You have to follow these six steps to change your free account to a paid one at MyTranssexualDate. When you get your premium account, you must accept all the terms and conditions not to be blocked. If you break the contract laws, you will have a blocked profile, and you may lose money.

For the refund of money, you should consult with the website provider that gives you the number of days not used. These requests are processed quickly in case you are unhappy with the membership you just paid for.

Safety and Security

Safety and Security

The policies that the transsexual dating website shares are very extensive to protect all its members. After you register for the service and pay for the membership, you submit to some terms that you must comply with. The basic rules for you to maintain your premium or free profile on the MyTranssexualDate website are:

  • You should not have an obsessive attitude towards a specific member because this will degrade the dating system.
  • You cannot ask for money in online chats.
  • It is forbidden to do nude shows to make money on the dating website.
  • Xenophobia is frowned upon in the system.
  • You do not have to be a toxic, offensive, rude or mocking member of the transgender messaging system.

If you comply with all these rules on the transsexual dating website, you will not suffer from a profile lock. The penalties vary in time depending on the offense you have committed, the worst resulting in a permanent block. You have to take care of these penalties to enjoy transsexual online dating all year long.

Closing Remarks

MyTranssexualDate is one of the transsexual dating sites where you can meet transsexual men and women in your country or internationally. You can start conversations with members who share your sexual tastes and want to experiment with you. It is a suitable website for casual dating, meetings, friendships, and even true love.

You have to register on this dating site to be part of a very respectful transsexual community. After paying for your low-cost premium membership, you can have special features in the online chat. MyTranssexualDate is unique in every way, and you should be a part of your innovation by teaming up with other transsexual members.

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