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TS Dating Review: Ultimate Guide to Find out the Key Features

TS Dating Review: Ultimate Guide to Find out the Key Features
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Active Audience 60%
Quality Matches 89%
Popular Age 20-45
Profiles 10 452 600
Reply Rate 80%
Ease of Use 8.8
Popularity 9.4
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • It is a multipurpose website where you will connect with transgender people
  • You can find a serious transgender partner or have an affair
  • 9 languages are available
  • The cost of the Premium membership is very low
  • You have access to a gallery of porn photos and videos
  • Its registration is simple, and you can link it with social networks
  • You do not have an application available
  • Its interface requires an update

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You can find the perfect heaven on the TS dating website and your transgender dating all over the world. You will connect with people who share your perspective on life and do not feel comfortable with their original bodies. You can meet new girls who love their new identity and want to find a different sex partner.

With this dating website, you can distract yourself for the whole day by meeting transgender men and women in seconds. All you have to do is register on TS dating and find your ideal match in the city. When you feel ready, you can meet your new partner and maybe start a family together.



With TS dating, you can enjoy a good number of active members searching for real love regardless of their tastes. You can find a transgender partner who meets your expectations in appearance and personality for a relationship. People who completely change their identity and sex are found worldwide, and on this website, you will meet them.

You can currently see more than 2,000,000 registered profiles on the web with members who are eager to chat. At least 80% of transgender members are from the United States, 15% from Europe, and 5% from the rest of the world. The average age of these members ranges from approximately 25 to 40 years old.

The members at TS dating are very active and have their intentions to meet someone who loves them. You will find a very entertaining community where you will always have space to talk with new people. You have to prioritize some members over others based on how entertaining they are when you talk to them.

Real-life Review

Real-life Review

According to TS dating reviews, you can see how efficient the web is even though it completely lacks an application. It is an ideal website for you to express yourself as a transgender and find a partner with those convictions. You can change your status from single to a transgender relationship that eventually ends in marriage.

Regardless of where you are, you can have a quality company with peculiar men and women. You will have many members to chat and date tonight if you are in the city where you live. Expert opinion suggests that this website is good, although it also requires updates to the system.

The main flaw that TS dating has is the total absence of an application to enter the chat rooms whenever you like. You can find other dating websites that have better options than TS dating, and this leaves you below. If the web is updated quickly, this will keep it on top because its popularity is good but compromises poor performance.



You will not have any complaints about the design that TS dating presents in its entire interface after you sign up. The web requires an update, but you will come across an organized system to search for people. All settings and search engines are at a glance so that you can match transgender members.

A unique feature that TS dating’s layout presents is that you can store the priority members. You can save profiles and online chats of members you like and always want to chat with. It is a very good use for prioritizing chats where you can save a lot of time with nice members.

All the design in the tsdating review is optimal, and you can enjoy it for its pink, blue, and white background. It’s a color scheme that will make you feel integrated into the transgender dating community. Your profile prioritizes your photos and basic data that you add so that other people know you.



TS dating has a very dynamic registration process in which you can enter as much basic data as you like. Mainly you have to enter your email to verify your identity and not a fake profile. Among the steps that you have to do in the TS dating registry are:

  1. You have to locate the official website for transgender dating TS dating
  2. You have to choose a language to join the dating system
  3. Click on “register.”
  4. You have to indicate your email, username, and a complex password
  5. You will have to open your email and look for the link that the dating site sent you for verification.
  6. With the verified email, you can continue with the registration by entering data such as:
  • Name and surname
  • Age
  • Sex
  • What are you looking for in TS dating?
  • Country where you reside
  • Talk a bit about yourself

You can put other basic data optionally in the registry, like your hobbies, city where you live, address, etc. The amount of information you put in TS dating is optional, and the people with access to see it in your profile. You have to add a profile picture where you look well representable and ready for online dating.

Start conversation

Start conversation

To start your conversations in TS dating, you need a premium membership; otherwise, you will not be able to use the messaging service. When you have your free account on TS dating, you will never be able to talk to other people unless that premium profile does. When you release this chat, you will only send messages pre-established by the web support.

If you already paid for your premium membership, you can enjoy an incredible chat with various functions at hand. The first thing you will notice is that you can make video calls with people in your country or internationally. With this live call service, you can fully know that member and interact in a better way.

Other settings that chats have are in the use of emoticons for you to make the conversation entertaining. You will have thousands of emoticons available that express your mood or your perverted face at this moment. You can send pre-recorded photos or videos in chat seamlessly to all online members.

The only downside to chat rooms is that you won’t talk to foreign members who don’t speak your language. This dating site does not have an automatic translation, so that you will have limitations in the service. You only have to talk to people from your country or foreigners who master your language to understand them.

Special Features

Special Features

You will come across the best system if you decide to sign up for TS dating and take its special features with your premium profile. The things that you will enjoy on this transgender dating site are varied, but the most important are:

Video call service

You can have hot conversations with all connected members because their video calling service is amazing. With these live calls, you can have a better experience meeting transgender guys in town. You can talk all night with these members and suffer from problems if you have a good network connection.


The TS dating website has a gallery where you can view and post porn pictures for other members to rate. In this small section, you can post your photos and receive many comments from the connected members. There are no limits in this gallery so that you can upload completely nude photos.

Member searches

You can search for members according to the country where they reside, size, tastes, age, or other characteristics that will please you. The entire search system has the objective of giving you good results to meet your ideal person. You can pair very well with these members and start conversations so intense that they will change your life.

Informational Blogs

If you want to be constantly informed of the day’s trends, you can do it with TS dating and its blog. In this area of the web, you can discuss a topic about transgenders and their likes. All topics and comments by members are verified so that your experience is not compromised.

Interactive chats

In addition to video calls, you can have an interactive chat service to talk in transgender groups. You can invite all the members in your city to organize parties or other types of meetings in your home. With these chats, you can have very good conversations to convince your friends to have an orgy.

Mobile Applications

Although the TS dating review sounds good for you to join, you may be unhappy about the absence of an app. You may find yourself constantly on the go for work and need a portable version of TS dating that doesn’t exist. The good thing is that the desktop version on the web adapts to any phone you have in your possession.

You have to verify your network connection not to interfere when you decide to connect on the dating site. With a desktop version adaptable to your mobile, you can participate in transgender appointments whenever you like. Perhaps this lack of official application in TS dating has caused anger among its members, but it should be developed in the future.

With the desktop version for transgender dating adapted to your mobile, you can access your profile from any mobile. Regardless of whether you have an android, iOS, or Windows phone, you can enter TS dating without fail. You must prioritize the application so that you finally find a match in your city.

Costs and Prices

You will have to pay a minimal fee in TS dating to enjoy its special features and unlimited messaging with transgenders. This dating site is known for its impressive premium profile where you can better interact with members. The costs for the membership of TS dating are divided into packages for 3 days, 1 month, 3 months, and 12 months in prices:

  • For 3 days that you enjoy the service, you will pay $ 7.95
  • For 1 month that you enjoy the service, you will pay $ 29.95
  • For 3 months that you enjoy the service, you will pay $ 39.99
  • For 12 months that you enjoy the service, you will pay $ 139.99

With these paid offers, you will save a lot of money for each extra month to add to your membership. You can take advantage of the $ 7.95 trial period at TS dating to see how your membership performs in full. With these 3 days that you pay in the transgender dating service, you can enjoy unlimited chats.

Free ServicesWhen you register in TS dating, you will have a free account that limits you to some options such as:

Access to the home screen

You will have access to the home screen in TS dating, and you can add transgender members that you please. With this free service, you can send requests to Premium or Free members like you.

Change your profile picture.

You only get one chance to change your profile picture in your free account, so you will have to do it wisely. The personal data you add to your registration profile cannot be modified until you change your account to premium.

Chats with limits

You can participate in chats with other members but in a limited way waiting for them to write to you to reply. With a free account, you cannot take the initiative to write to someone unless that person does.

If you want to remove all these limits in your TS dating account, you only have to obtain a premium membership for as long as you want. You can use the 3-day membership to test them quickly to get a feel for how the system works.

Fee based Services

Fee based Services

TS dating shares an amazing performance on its Premium membership with options like:

Chats without limits

You can participate in unlimited chats to talk with the members you want to meet in your city. The chats are included video calls, send photos, send emoticons, and other extra options. You can have a good interaction with these chats managing to get the love of your life.

Trans gallery

You have access to the transgender gallery with which you can view porn photos or live broadcasts. With this gallery, you can decide the type of person to speak according to your personality. You can also participate in this space to upload your sexy, nude photos or make a global video call.

Post photos

You can post all kinds of photos on your TS dating profile so that members who visit it know about you. In these photos, you can describe how you feel or what kind of emotions you experience today. You can post whatever you want to distract you throughout the day using the interface.

Profile in incognito mode

You have the option of placing a profile incognito where you can browse the profiles without being detected. Spying on transgender members without them knowing about you is a great option that you can have with the TS dating membership. You also have the right to decide what type of members will visit your profile.

Payment Options

Payment Options

For you to have your premium membership in TS dating, you must know what the steps are to pay in the interface. What you must do to have a Premium account at TS dating is:

  1. You have to log in with your free TS dating account
  2. On the home screen, you have to locate your profile to access the settings.
  3. You must look for the option to have premium membership.
  4. You must choose the type of membership for 3 days, 1 month, 3 months, or 12 months with their respective payments.
  5. You must make the payment by your TDC or by mail, from which you must request the data from the web provider.

Depending on the high demand for membership payments at the moment, your request may take a few hours. You will receive a notification in the email where the TS dating provider indicates that your Premium profile is approved. In the case of system failures, all the money you sent will be refunded in less than 24 hours.

Security and Privacy

Security and Privacy

For your data’s security and privacy, TS dating is good, although it could have been better for demanding users like you. You should not forget that this website requires an update, which is reflected in the security policies. It is a fact that many profiles are real, but you will also be disappointed to see many fake or inactive profiles.

The web needs to solidify its guarantees to be sure that you are talking to real members. The only way you can protect yourself on these services is by asking for a video chat to confirm your identity. You can take a look at this interface and have your own opinion about your online dating service.



If you want to join the most entertaining community for online dating, you must join TS dating and transgender members. TS dating is an incredible transgender dating website that, although it lacks many things, does represent these types of people. The web is good in operation, although it may be better when its dating system is updated.

All TS dating privacy policies are sound, so you will not suffer from discrimination by members. You have a running view of TS dating; you can make the payment for 3 days in your membership. With a fairly limited time, you can have an opinion on its use for transgender dating.

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