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Polyamorous Passions Review: Ultimate Guide to Find out the Key Features

Polyamorous Passions Review in 2020
About Site
Active Audience 72%
Quality Matches 85%
Popular Age 18-45
Profiles 12 985 000
Reply Rate 84%
Ease of Use 7.8
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • With Polyamorous Passions, you will enjoy many chat features for free.
  • It's a dating group for hot conversations
  • Registration is safe
  • Does not have fake profiles
  • Members are from different regions, although they predominate in the US.
  • Does not have App

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If you want casual dating in your city, you have to register on Polyamorous Passions and interact with the hot members. With poly love relationships, you will have more fun in your life, fulfilling all the planned sexual goals. On the Polyamorous Passions website, you will run into men and women who want a casual encounter that ends in wild sex.

It is time for you to get to know the best dating websites to activate your sexual activity with your regional members. You will be captivated by the casual dating service where you can have sex in no time by talking to the members.

Statistic of Members on This Website

Statistic of Members on This Website

You will find 68% male members and 32% female members within the online dating interface. 71% of the members are from the United States, being the largest community that the dating web has. Many of these connected people seek a casual relationship, and among the profiles, most of the members range from 20 to 35 years old.

You have the freedom to have a poly love relationship with a person of the same or different sex, being a very liberal community. On this website, the members can be gay, transsexual, lesbian, and of course, heterosexual. All you have to do is find your ideal partner to have sex in your city immediately.

You can have a group of friends in your city who have an open mind ready for sex in no time. Every day you will have hot conversations, and you can organize events in your city searching for sex. Polyamorous Passions is what you need to fully distract and activate yourself in casual sex in your city.

Real-life review

In the Polyamorous Passions reviews, you will notice that the expert opinion holds that the liberal dating site is very original and functional for matchmaking. You must enter this website that shares a good update on its aesthetics and use for you to enjoy. The approval rank is very high due to the lack of fake profiles and blocks of toxic members.
The matching website’s matchmaking system has the greatest potential, giving you many options to find the ideal member. You can do a smart search for a member who has the traits you want in your next causal relationship. You can search among members from your country, and there is even a “near me” feature to talk to members around you.

What About The Design Of The Site?

What About The Design Of The Site?

The Polyamorous Passions sharing design is very elegant, expressing seriousness, sensuality, lust, and a little love. You can feel a lot of pleasure when browsing the web with a refreshing design to understand your search settings. The predominant color for the background is dark, with a grey stripe at the top, giving you a very professional design.

The design makes the online dating system easy to navigate, being everything you need at this time. Each member will enjoy a well-centered photograph to present you with the other members for the profile design.

Is It Easy to Register On Polyamorous Passions?

For Polyamorous Passions registration, you have to spend a few minutes to enter your basic data without errors. The steps you must take to be part of the casual relationship community are:

  1. You have to locate the web for casual dating on your computer.
  2. Go to the beginning of Polyamorous Passions and look for the option to register
  3. You have to put a username, email that can be verified, age, country, gender, tastes, etc.
  4. The email you just entered must be verified using a 6-digit code.
  5. Finally, you have to import a profile picture to complete your free registration.

You have to follow these steps correctly for your registration profile to be approved and enjoy Polyamorous Passions relationships. You can also register using your social networks like Facebook to link your data. You will save a lot of time and energy by placing your data previously in your Facebook profile.

How Can You Start Conversation On Polyamorous Passions?

How Can You Start Conversation On Polyamorous Passions?

You can get started in online chats safely and with many features that allow you to interact with other members. You can search for those members who meet your expectations to have a hot conversation. With the online chat system, you can do whatever you want even though you have not paid for a Polyamorous Passions membership.

The free use of the dating website has limitations on the chats you will create, so you must switch to a paid or premium membership. The most serious problem with this free service is that you have to wait for a premium member to write to you. Stickers are also limited in conversations, so you must use them wisely.

If you want to get out of all these conversation problems, you have to pay the membership that Polyamorous Passions dictates in your system. The dating chat system is great, but you will upgrade it to enjoy other unique features. In groups with a free account, you have access as a spectator until you activate your membership.

The video calling option is the most popular point in chat for you to have a smooth conversation. This feature is included in the free chat, although you must follow the rule of waiting for a Premium member to write to you.

Does Polyamorous Passions Have Special Features?

The Polyamorous Passions review has special functions throughout its system to help you find a casual relationship in your country. Among the features that you will enjoy in the interface and the online chat system are:

You can send photos and videos by messaging:

You have the right to Polyamorous Passions to have a more interactive conversation by sending sexy photos or videos to members. You will be able to upload photos and videos to your Polyamorous Passions profile so that the connected public knows you and is motivated to write to you.

Video Call Service:

You can initiate or receive video calls in online chat to have a smooth conversation with the active member. You can meet that member from your country and talk all night while watching from the computer. With these video calls, you can have a good conversation and verify that this member is real and not a fake profile.

Searches by traits:

You can search for a person based on their gender, country where they reside, unique qualities in age, size or color, sexual tastes, etc. Everything you want from this person can be included in this search, yielding good results.

Daily pairings:

The website has a very good matchmaking system, and you can enjoy it daily where you are recommended to members in your country. You will meet members of your country who share your same sexual appetites.

Group forums and chats:

You can join the group chats to have fun organizing casual get-togethers, parties, or even orgies. Forums are also a great option for you to talk to several members on a specific topic.

Does It Have A Mobile App?

Does It Have A Mobile App?

Unfortunately, you will not be able to access a Polyamorous Passions application because, to date, it does not exist on the internet. The alternative you have is to enter the desktop version for appointments from your phone. You can enjoy all the Polyamorous Passions features from your mobile with a more portable version.

The free dating web will create an application that you can enjoy and take to your mobile phone in the distant future. You have to be patient in this update that will improve the way you interact with members.

What Are Costs and Prices On This Site?

When you join Polyamorous Passions, you can enjoy free or paid dating service in a membership. You can make a low investment to have extra features in the dating system. The costs that you must cover in Polyamorous Passions are:

  • For one month, you will pay 15 dollars.
  • For three months, you will pay $ 30
  • For 12 months, you will pay $ 60

If you pay a good amount of months, you will get exclusive discounts to save some money. You also have to take advantage of the membership prices settled at a 30% discount for a few days. You must be aware of the interface and all the discounts it makes per year to have your Premium membership.

Memberships are reasonably priced, so you won’t hesitate to have them to enhance your dating interaction. If you are not satisfied with this service, you should only request a refund of your money

What Are Free Services On This Site?

What Are Free Services On This Site?

In the Polyamorous Passions review and its free dating service, you will have some unique features such as:

Simple searches

You can have simple searches where you put the country where you reside or where you want to meet the members. With this system, you can have an order between what you are looking for in members to know from your home. You can have good results in these searches. You have to adapt to the limiting system you have.

You write if they write to you.

You can talk to other members having a free account only if they write you premium profiles on this day. You will have a chat blocked at all times, that you must wait for that message that frees you, and you can talk. You have to wait a few minutes or even days for a Premium member to write to you to participate in the conversation.

Group rooms but without the participation

You can join the group rooms and forums but without having participation at any time until you change your profile to Premium. You can see the disputes that members have in the chat rooms for a specific topic. You can make these chat rooms a priority to distract yourself during the nights with different open topics.

You can block your profile.

You can keep your Polyamorous Passions profile locked for free members who want to meet you. This option is not valid when a Premium member decides to write to you. However, it is not a complete option if you must have little privacy despite having a free account.

What Are Fee-Based Services on This Website?

What Are Fee-Based Services on This Website?

Along with the Polyamorous Passions reviews, you will have new features in the Premium membership such as:

Smart searches

You can do extended searches among members that meet your demands in appearance, personality, age, tastes, etc. With this search system, you can find the right partner to start conversations. The algorithm that you put on your profile also plays an important role in the search engine.

Chats without limits

You can talk to the people you like for hot conversations at any time. Options include video calls, sending photos, stickers, emoticons, and other online chat things. In these chats, you can also start with online groups to talk about different topics.

Photo gallery

In the interface space, you can enjoy nude photos, videos, and other things that users share at the moment. With these services, you will not have to pay for something extra, enjoy it and share yours if you like. You can upload sensual photos showing that you have a statuesque body that all members need to see.


You can enter and enjoy online groups to organize events at your home or areas close to you. With these group services, you will increase your interaction by having a high probability of participating in orgies. You can have a good number of friends who are willing to have sex without any commitment.

What Are Payment Options?

What Are Payment Options?

The payment options you have on this Polyamorous Passions website are very simple for your membership. You have to follow a few simple steps that allow you to enjoy all the features you have to do:

  1. You have to enter your Polyamorous Passions profile
  2. You must locate the settings of your profile located in the upper area
  3. You have to look for the option to “switch to Premium account.”
  4. You have to take the promotion package in 1, 3. 6, or 12 months and enjoy its exclusive discounts.
  5. You can make the payment process with your credit card or PayPal wallet
  6. The payment is made quickly, and you will receive a notification when you have your profile active.

You have to wait a few minutes for payment until the web provider approves your request immediately. You will receive a notification when your profile is approved, and you enjoy all the options in the dating system. You can also cancel your payment at any time if you didn’t like the membership and all its options.

The best thing you can do at Polyamorous Passions is to pay for a membership for a month and enjoy its benefits today. You will have a few days to look at your dating options and decide to join the community. If you are pleased with this online service, you will only have to renew your membership to continue enjoying it.

some Information About Security and Privacy

Polyamorous Passions has good security and privacy system for you to enjoy Polyamorous Passions dating. You will not have discrimination, identity theft, hacks, and all kinds of problems on the internet. The security agent on the web is amazing, and you can contact him in case of system failures.

All connected profiles are real so that you won’t have bad experiences in Polyamorous Passions relationships on the spot. You can verify that these people are real by making video calls and chatting with them. The whole interaction system is good for you to confirm that all the people are real.

For members of Polyamorous Passions, there are some rules that you must follow to have your profile active. You do not have to be an offensive person who detracts from other members’ experience because you will be blocked. Xenophobia, discrimination, and toxicity on the web are ruled out, so you have to behave correctly in the system.

All privacy policies are in your favor, so it is up to you to decide what kind of information to show members. You can post a lot or little of your information, leaving you as a mysterious member worth writing to. You have to enter the basic information that allows you to preserve your privacy and leave expectations to the members.



With the Polyamorous Passions website, you can have virtual relationships and even turn them into physical ones when you see your new lover. It’s a kinky community where you can fulfill your sexual desires just by quickly registering. In a few minutes at registration, you will be joining a high quality and sympathy for all online dating system.

You don’t have to hesitate to sign up with Polyamorous Passions and start your adventure with the kinkiest relationships in town. With this dating website, you will find pleasure and much desire towards people in your city looking for sex. Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy its special features and innovations that make online chats shine.

If you fall in love with Polyamorous Passions, it will be great news because you can start the whole procedure to get married in your city. You will run into people in your city on this dating website and look for a serious relationship or some sex. With everything you can do in Polyamorous Passions, you can find a partner or a group of friends who want to have casual sex.

You will have a lot to explore in this interface, fulfilling the objectives you had set to get some sex. With a few minutes that you dedicate to these chat systems, you can find the love of your life or casual sex. You don’t have to miss out on the opportunity that Polyamorous Passions offers you and meet people looking to the network without compromise.

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