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TS dates Review: Ultimate Guide to Find out the Key Features

TS dates Review: Ultimate Guide to Find out the Key Features
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Active Audience 61%
Quality Matches 69%
Popular Age 23-40
Profiles 891 254
Reply Rate 76%
Ease of Use 9.6
Popularity 8.7
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Pros and Cons

  • With TS dates, you can talk to members looking for sex all over the world
  • Offers various options for you to satisfy your sexual desires
  • Good matchmaking system
  • Mobile version available
  • You will have at your fingertips various groups and forums where you can have fun
  • You have interface problems when you reach your limit of connected people
  • You don't have an app available

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If you want to have some sex tonight, but you can’t find people willing to do it, it’s because you haven’t visited TS dates. With this dating website, you can meet people active for sex in your country or internationally. You can have video calls or receive porn photos of these people who are very hot like you now.

If you are single and want some fun tonight with the TS dates website, you will find an open community to satisfy you. You will talk to gay, bisexual, or transgender members for hot conversations. The entire system offers unique security where you can chat, knowing that that member is connected.

TS dates Review


At the moment, TS dates to control the largest number of members for online dating regardless of your sexual appetites. With 80 million members in total and more than 3,000,000 people connected to the web daily, it shows its popularity. You can be part of this great family by registering and enjoying your membership to interact with other members without limits.

Of the thousands of online members, 69% are men, and 31% are single women looking for an adventure on the internet. At least 1,600,000 of the active members are from the United States, and 600,000 are from Europe. The web shows its action to all countries globally so that you will have no excuses for restricted access.

Many of these online members are just looking for a sexual adventure on the internet or to take you to a physical encounter in town. If you intend to have sex tonight, you can do so by locating members near you. With such an influx of people, you have a high probability of finding one that fully satisfies you.

Real-life review

Among the reviews and opinions of TS dates, you can see different images in operation and guarantees offered. Many people express that TS dates is the best dating site due to the multiple options for matchmaking. You can find a member who wants to share sensual moments with you through video calls.

In short, TS dates that it has become the web where singleness ends, and your fun begins without commitment. You can talk to mixed-minded people for a serious relationship or a total night of adventure. All names and addresses are protected in the interface so that you are a 100% anonymous member.

One feature that you will love about TS dates is that all profiles are verified while the registration is being processed. If you create an account on the dating site and stay offline for many weeks, you will receive a suspension. This quality makes TS dates stay active and renewed with the members it has at the moment.

Real-life review


The design quality in the TS dates review is very good, making you feel protected while browsing the interface. The dark background and its blue features make the interface look great, and you enjoy it every day. You may be fond of the desktop version on the website because TS dates lacks a mobile app.

TS dates has a similarity in its interface as the social networks that are trending today; for example, Facebook that you have registered. You will have all the search options at a glance to match with the members you want. From one end, the members you have added appear, and with detail in colors, you will see those that are active to speak.

If TS dates had a mobile application, the design could be completely changed by making you have a portable version of the dating site. You can only open the desktop version on your phone, adapting very well to your screen size. Whatever version you use for TS dates, you should know that the experience is comforting by having an updated interface.



When you are motivated to register in TS dates, you will have at your fingertips the mobile application or the desktop version to do so. This whole process to be part of the community in liberal dating is simple, and you only have to give basic information. The steps you must follow for effective registration on the dating website are:

  • You must locate the TS dates dating site from your phone or computer using the desktop version
  • The basic data for registration are:
  • Name and surname
  • Email
  • Age
  • Country
  • Sex
  • Pleasures
  • Profile picture
  • Password
  • When you give personal data, you have to click on “next” and fill in other information on the form. The data for your registration is your tastes, what you look for on the dating website, language, hobbies, among others. You can put all the data or those that are necessary that are marked with an asterisk (*).

If you want to speed up the registration process in TS dates, you can link your Facebook account with it. You can send all your data to TS dates and even your profile picture that you currently have on the social network.


Start conversation

The initiation of conversations is essential for this dating website, where you will meet people from different countries. When you have a premium account, you can enjoy a well-organized online chat system to use. As it is a dating website covering all countries, you can choose from your preferred countries to chat with members.

In the chat system, you have video calls, voice memos, export images, and even send pre-recorded videos. You will have all the comforts in this online chat to interact with the members you have selected. If you come across a toxic member, you can also block their messaging by making the service complete.

Other settings that you can access in the chats are making groups of members in your country or who share likes equally. You can be the administrator of this group to decide what kind of person will join the system.

Start conversation

Special Features

The TS dates reviews have selected some special functions that you will enjoy on the web after registering. Some TS dates features are available with your free account, while others will require a Premium membership. Among the innovations that you can take with these online dating sites are:

Group talks

If you want to get your internet hours’ full potential, you must access the group talks given in TS dates. All you do is register and have direct access to these groups to talk about different topics. You can completely distract yourself and learn a lot about sexuality or even organize girls’ outings in the city.

Interactive calls

Video calls are a priority for many people, and TS dates gives them to you under the internet’s best anti-fall system. You can interact with many people in this calling system to verify that their identity is real. The entire system in live calls is used to surprise your future partner by doing an erotic dance.

Interactive calls

Stickers and emoticons

You can send all kinds of stickers and emoticons through online chats to all the members you talk to. With this option in the chat, you can have entertaining conversations using the emoticons on your side. You must use the correct emoticons to express your emotions towards that member with whom you speak.

Complete profiles

Member profiles are complete in your premium membership, and you can post photos and videos throughout the day. With these publishing services, you can make yourself known by uploading erotic photos, videos, and other things. All you have to do is register on this system and start exporting the images.

TS dates has a gallery session for you where you can upload photos and videos so that people can get to know you. You can see many posts of guys who are horny and want to make you erotic dance in this session. For each live video post, you can view it individually by requesting it from the creator.

Gallery session

Mobile Applications

For you, it can be very bad that TS dates does not have a mobile application, compromising your experience on the web. You can have a very busy life that prevents you from connecting to the computer for online dating. The only option you have in this system is the desktop version adaptable to your mobile regardless of your screen size.

You can enter the official website of TS dates from your mobile and not undergo many operation changes. At first, you will find access to the web strange, but you will get used to using it correctly with time. All search options are at a glance, and you have to adapt to the motion with the sensor to enter them.

Not everything is lost in TS dates and its absence in applications because you can do it from any device to your liking. You have to verify your network connection not to affect access to the online dating site. With everything in order, you will speak calmly with people from your phone and interact with their different pairing options.

Costs and Prices

For you to be successful in dating TS dates, you have to give some money in exchange for a premium membership. The cost of these memberships is usually high for TS dates, but they are worth it for the options they include. The costs for a Premium profile in TS dates go as follows:

  • 1 month for $ 39.95
  • 3 months for 69.95 USD
  • 6 months for $ 119.95
  • 12 months for $ 219.95

You can take the highest 12-month package and save more than 50% of the money you will cover each month. With these discounts, you save money and a lot of time by not doing the same process. Money backs apply to every package in the membership so you can safely take them.

Costs and Prices

Free Services

The free TS dates service has some functions that you can enjoy after registering, although it is not compared to the premium version. The options that you have integrated into the free dating website only include:

You will only see the gallery of photos and images published by the members, but at no time will you participate. Commenting on the photos, giving like writing to the members are denied until you have the membership. You will only be a viewer of all the things that active members post on the web.

Restricted chat

You will have a chat restricted to start conversations until a Premium member writes you, and you can reply to them. You have to be patient and wait for a person to write to you even if it doesn’t take long.

Edit basic information

You will only be able to edit your profile’s basic information once a day when you have a free account at TS dates. If you want to change your profile photo, personal data, or publish photos, you must obtain a Premium membership.

Fee-based Services

In the TS dates reviews, you can change how you see the interface with premium membership and all the functions you get. Know how much your free profile changes to a Premium one for the number of months that you have paid:

Participate in the galleries

You can participate in the galleries by posting photos, videos, or commenting on other Premium members’ posts. In the galleries, you can meet other members based on the sexy photos you have posted. You can also see many video call invitations where members will dance you erotically.

Participate in the galleries


With this membership, you can use the chat and talk with the members you want regardless of the country where they are located. You can make use of chats throughout the day and enjoy all its unique interactive features. Have hot conversations with these members, and make your nights perfect.


You can make all kinds of publications so that the members you have added know you completely. Porn images are a great option for you to motivate members to write to you tonight. Anything sexy that you post on this dating interface will never be leaked to other parts of the internet.

Incognito profiles

A special option that you gain with the Premium membership is the incognito profiles to see the members without being detected. You can visit the members’ profiles, and they will never find out that you were there on the day. With this spy or anonymous option, you can see all the photos that the person publishes without looking like a depraved person.

Payment Options

With all the special functions you can see in the Premium membership of TS dates, you will surely want to pay it. Membership payment methods are easy, and you have to do a few steps. Among the things you must do to change your free account to a Premium one are:

  • You have to log in to your free TS dates profile
  • You must go to your profile options and click on “change my account.”
  • You have to choose one of the 4 Premium packages with their respective discounts.
  • When you have the selected package, you can make the payment of assets with your PayPal and credit card
  • It is essential that you wait a few minutes while the payment is processed and your Premium profile is released.

If you have a problem or failure after registering, all the money will be returned to your PayPal or TDC account. You could request a money refund at any time if the Premium membership were not to your liking. It is good that you buy one month on your first use in TS dates to see how the whole interface works in dating.

Security and privacy

When you enter a dating website, you think about the security and privacy that they can offer you. To your liking, TS dates has the best policies to feel protected and the data you provide. All the personal data that you publish can be hidden or shown for a specific audience.

There are no fake profiles on the dating web, much fewer people who will impair your experience in search of a partner. If you notice that a person is offensive, you have to report them, and they will be immediately blocked in the system. TS dates penalties can last from a few hours to a lifetime restriction if the problem is complex.

You can feel very good at this interface and fulfill your goals in having casual sex or dating in the city. It does not matter what tastes you have but the motivation to change your single status.


TS dates is the most relevant dating site on the internet for the simple and innovative features you will get. In this dating website, what matters is your experience to have a very safe interface. You have to register in the system and see how easy it is to match your country members.

You have to meet a nice person on the internet who can change your mood or distract you at night. Although TS dates has no application, this is not so serious because there is a multipurpose desktop version. You can chat with your new lover or virtual partner for the whole day until the day comes where you will finally meet.

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