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Transgender Date Review: Ultimate Guide to Find out the Key Features

Transgender Date Review: Ultimate Guide to Find out the Key Features
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Pros and Cons

  • The profiles of each of the community members are highly specified so that if you review them, you can find all the detailed information about them and do not doubt that they are real people with whom you are going to interact.
  • The happy members can add up to 500 assorted images of themselves and their lives. In this way, it helps other people to get to know them and their lifestyle better.
  • The vast majority of comments that you will see will be positive towards this Website and express how good they feel to be united with a group of people who appreciate them. You will not feel overwhelmed or fearful here. Everyone will be able to say their ideas with total freedom.
  • One of the best parts of this place is that it is 100% free; you do not have to pay any fee to stay inside it. Amazing!
  • Through this Website, you can opt for psychological help to guide you in your steps to have an appointment with someone. Not only is it responsible for showing you to people, but also finding the best way that you can interact with them without any fear.
  • Possesses a photo ID to avoid any fake profiles that might sneak in there. So you will not doubt that each of the members is what they say they are.
  • It contains different messaging options to talk at all times with that special person for you. It also includes a video chat so that the two of you can see your faces and thus know each other much better.
  • The vast majority of people who are united to this community are loyal and friendly to each of their colleagues, exposing the good vibes at every moment to transmit it to others.
  • Unfortunately, this Website does not have a direct chat with the help center, so if you want to notify something important or have a complaint about a situation that has occurred, they will not be able to assist you instantly.
  • It does not have a mobile application that you can take on your phone wherever you go. You can only enter the place through the web page of your browser.
  • There is no option to register through Facebook; you only accept it through email.

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Transgender people do not identify with the gender with which they were born, but on the contrary, which means that their identity is not related to the sex of their birth.

Therefore, different transsexual dating sites have been created to help this community let go of their fears.

As the years have passed, these people have been highly discriminated just for the fact of being those they want to be, but thanks to global consciousness and the modern world we are in, they have already been accepting them for how they want to be.

The transgender date Website is one place where they can feel safe, welcome, and comfortable. It is one of the best websites on the net for transgender people to find friends, something informal or serious.

It corresponds to a large community where each member can feel free to say what they think and feel without fear. With more than ten years of operation, this is one of the most secure pages out there. Also, you are the one who will have control of who you want to communicate with and who can communicate with you. Do not miss the chance to join this great family.

Transgender Date Review In 2020


With this transgender date review, you will know that not only transgender people are integrated into this community, but also those who are not but are interested in having a relationship with one of them.

Here there are no limitations for those who wish to be part of this great family. Whether you were heterosexual, bisexual, gay, lesbian, you can also join all of us and go on a date with one of these great people.

You can even include yourself to give positive messages or learn more about transgender people and each of the members of the Website. It doesn’t necessarily have to come up with something loving. Give this place a chance that this one will not let you down.


Real Life Review

By finding various opinions from various users, we could see that the positive comments that this Website receives are great, from transgender people to those who are not. The place has a very great reputation in most people’s eyes, which is why it is considered one of the best places to find a trans couple.

This portal is a pioneer in finding your ideal transgender partner, and the positive reviews grow more and more, reaching, so far, 100,000 people.

Many people want to be part of this community, and they have been joining little by little over the years.

Nowadays, all this has been exploited, and transgender people are not so afraid to express how they mostly feel, so they look for these kinds of places where they can have a voice and find the person they have always dreamed of having as a partner.

Also, the majority who enter this Website and want to start a conversation with one of the members is because they want something. Sure, there are times when they’re just looking for something to have fun and hang out with, but they make it clear from the start, which doesn’t create future problems.

The main mission of this place is that both transgender women and men (or not) can feel safe and free to express their opinions and find a potential partner with whom to spend their days and nights.

Since its launch in 2007, this popular Website has made a name for itself as one of the leading platforms where trans people can feel comfortable with themselves, accept themselves, love each other and establish a beautiful and happy relationship with singles who can attract attention. If what you are looking for is a real love with one of these transgender people, there is a great chance that you can find it here.

Real Life Review


All those involved in this great place’s design deserve a lot of credit for the great work they did. They bring you various amounts of communication forms completely free of charge.

So you can start conversations with the boy or girl of your dreams without being limited in terms of the media. Very different from other transsexual dating sites that its design is more uncomfortable,

The TGD community offers each of its members to create blogs, have different expert opinions on the subject, and also lets you read forums of all the people linked to the Website.

A very easy and simple to use the platform, through which you can find that someone you have longed for a long time to have their company. You need to register to enjoy everything that this place has at its disposal for you.

As for aesthetics, it could be said that it is simple. On the home page, you will be presented with a cute hugging couple, and there is a blue and white background around it.

Meanwhile, already inside the page, you will find, at the end of it, eight sections that will guide you to different sites, among which are: the pages that TGD has in the social networks Facebook and Twitter, information about it in others places related to this, Privacy, Terms of use, Advertising and Help Centers.


In this Transgender Date reviews, you will know that to register on this Website, and you must follow a series of steps, which make it clear to the administrators and moderators that the person who is registering is actually someone real and not someone fake who only enters to damage the vibes of the people who they are interested in the place.

In this way, to register in TGD, you only have to: visit the page through the browser of your trusted browser, enter the information they ask for in the pop-up window that will be at the beginning of the page (email, name of the user, the gender of the potential partner you want to have and their gender).

It won’t need to be verified via email, but you must go through photo verification if you’re new to the community.

“How does it work?” You may ask yourself because the steps are very simple: you will receive a code that you must write down in legible handwriting on a piece of paper, then you take a photo of your face and the code assigned to you. You send it to the platform’s moderators, and then what you have to do is wait for them to confirm the verification, which is done within the first 24 hours after sending the photo.


Start Conversation

The great thing about reading this Transgender date Reviews is that you will have a lot of information about this community to establish a relationship with your interested person.

Also, singles can share messages for free without having to worry about paying a subscription. This is one of the biggest advantages that the Website has: being able to do thousands of things without spending a penny on it.

Users can communicate with other people through blogs, email, forums, video chats, and all this at no cost.

If you are interested in finding your trans partner without spending money on all those platforms, this is the best for that. The place members can also receive messages directly and answer them instantly, so you do not miss anything about what that special person wants to talk to you. Starting a conversation with transgender people has never been easier and easier.

On the other hand, many of those included in this place prefer to send emails directly to that someone where you can add music and attached photos.

They also can communicate through forums where they can express their experience with TGD.

At the same time, whoever you are, you can create a blog where you can express your thoughts and ideas, a very great benefit if you are one of those who are just beginning to love yourself and love yourself as you are. You can now say how you have gone and everything you have had to go through to get to where you have come.

Every single person can build lists of friends or favorites they want to meet. If you like to start a friendship with someone on the Website, you can send them a request personally.

Start Conversation

Special Functions

If you want to find a specific person who follows your wishes’ guidelines, through the search algorithm that this Website offers you, you can achieve it.

Community members can apply the various sites they have at hand, where they can write, in detail, what they are looking for. Among the different filters are location, age, and sex. For now, the most predominant audience are those located in the United States and Canada.

After configuring all the corresponding parameters according to your criteria, the system will show you those who match your expectations. It is an easy way to find what you want, Which is different from other transsexual dating sites with these methods.

Those who are subscribed to the Website can add several people to their favorites or friends lists; they can see who has reviewed their profile in recent times. At the same time, they can also respond to the emails that have been sent to them through their profile and receive different notifications from those friends of yours who have published something new on their profile or if any of them have interacted with you.

The TGD site notifies you if you have new messages, which you can consult through the dialogue history in the Inbox. It also gives you the option of alerting the Customer Service Center to inappropriate behavior on-site, or simply blocking a person who is not treating you well.

It may take you some time to find that special someone, but experts recommend that these methods are the best to find that someone you’ve always dreamed of and so you won’t be disappointed in the future.

Mobile Applications

This transgender dating website is one of the most popular globally, and today thousands of people are successfully using it and finding their ideal match.

However, despite all the prestige it has, it is surprising that so far, it has not yet created a mobile application through which each member is more comfortable entering the place and can take it with them wherever they go.

There are places for Trans with a smaller community of members and, even so, they have a mobile application to make it easier for their members to use it. Likely, the creators of TGD did not want to make an application for phones for now, because perhaps they think it can completely replace the Website.

Despite this, you can enter this place through your computer, laptop, or smartphone through its Website and see all the news that it offers you, which, we assure you, are many and very good.

Mobile Applications

Costs And Prices

This place’s main feature is that it is 100% free for all those transgender people and those who do not but want a partner of this type, unlike several transsexual dating sites that exist on the web.

This is great for everyone who wants to start dating and is just getting started. However, there are also advanced tools that you can use for a certain cost. According to this place’s creators and moderators, the rate is not higher than lunch at a fast-food outlet (which would be around $ 6). As you can see, it is not an excessive price to pay if you want to use some of the advanced tools.

Free services

It is good that you know before entering this page what are all the functions that it has and what it can offer you.

To access the vast majority of the options, you can do it for free. However, you should take into account that you will only access everything that the Website offers you when the moderators verify your subscription. Next, you will be told all the functions that you can opt for free in this place:

  1. Each of the registered users can block that person who does not like their dealings with her.
  2. You can make video chats with anyone you are interested in meeting and that he also accepts.
  3. All messaging is completely free so that you can communicate without problems with all the people you want.
  4. You can make a list of friends and favorites to be aware of all the new publications.
  5. Singles are interested in finding someone who can make forums or blogs where they express themselves better about themselves and everything they have been through.
  6. You can attach videos and images to send them to your potential friends or suitors.
  7. It gives you the option of having experts on the subject so that you can guide yourself and encourage you to establish friendships or a love relationship.
  8. Community members receive notifications of new messages in their Inbox, where they can reply to them.
  9. It does not have any annoying ads that can interrupt your experience browsing the Website.
Free services

Rate-Based Services

There is no specific premium membership for which users must pay a fixed fee to have certain benefits.

The Website has the great factor of being free for the vast majority of tools but, to opt for some more advanced ones, you will have to pay a minimum amount that costs around what a fast-food lunch ($ 6) is worth enjoying these.

Through these functions, you will be able to: receive notifications about the Website long before other people who do not pay for this service; it can be a priority among the search results when others are looking for their dream trans, among others.

Payment options

This Website offers you different options for which to pay for the advanced tools that it offers you in case you want to opt for them. These methods include Paypal and bank cards.

They also accept gift cards; this works so that if by chance, you have a friend who wants to register on the page but has not done so out of fear or grief, you can give him a gift card that you pay for yourself so that he cheers up. You will only have to activate it, and voila, you will already be a member of this beautiful community.

This is a great option for those who have doubts about whether it would be good to register on the page or not. This gift card can be a great boost for them to let go of their fears and dare to do something different.

In this, this place is very different from other transsexual dating sites that you can find in various places on the internet, which do not offer you this payment option.

Payment options

Security And Privacy

Before registering to a certain website, it is usual for anyone to ensure that this site is reliable since they do not want their data and photos to be on the networks. Therefore, it is advisable for this type of case to review the different reviews of the place and the comments that registered users say about it.

In TGD, this place has mostly very positive reviews; through photo verification, the administrators prevent spammers from entering their site and bothering those who are already registered.

At the same time, this site has two methods to ask for help: you can contact a moderator who will take one to three business days to respond, or you can also write an email to the Help Center describing your case.

In the same way, you always have the option of blocking that unwanted person through your account settings without having to go to the Help Center.


Today there are several transsexual dating sites where you have to pay excessive prices for their services, and the people with whom you interact are not to be trusted.

That is why the transgender date was created so that every transgender person who has an interest in a trans person has the opportunity to enjoy a place where they can feel safe, comfortable, can express their ideas without fear of being judged, and can find that special person to accompany him in his days.

If you are one of them, you cannot miss the chance that this page offers you. You will see that it will improve your life.

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